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Revise Radiology

I've been working on a very large project / business over the last 6 months with two friends and am really excited to announce its launch. The business is called Revise Radiology and the address is https://reviseradiology.com.

Initially, the site is aimed at UK radiology trainees working towards the Royal College of Radiologists' FRCR exam. The site is modular in structure and we currently have two modules up and running. One is targeted at those preparing for the part 1 anatomy exam, the other for those preparing for the part 2B rapid reporting exam. Although we've designed the site with the FRCR in mind, I think it will be enormously beneficial to any trainee radiologist, qualified radiographer or medical student.

Both modules allow you to either sit a timed mock exam or practice individual questions. The site automatically marks your answers, keeps track of your score and historic achievements and allows you to compare your performance with other users of our site. Our hope is that, as we gather more data, we'll start to be able to predict if you're on track to pass a particular module.

We currently have 1600 anatomy questions but are working towards a goal of 2000. That's roughly 5-10 times more images than a typical revision textbook. The rapid reporting module has 25 curated packets (exam in FRCR-speak), each containing 30 cases. There's almost 800 individual cases to learn from and we're working towards 30 packets within the next few weeks and we'll continue to add to the module as time goes on.

There's a modest fee for using the site - principally to cover the costs of hosting and streaming thousands of high resolution images (and paying our accountant). It currently costs just £30 for complete access to the anatomy module and £35 for the rapid reporting module. This cost provides access until the next sitting of the exam. That's up to six months if you time things right! Whilst there are several free resources out there (specifically practise rapid reporting packets, there is no other anatomy resource to my knowledge) I really believe that Revise Radiology is the slickest, easiest and highest quality resource for trainee radiologists that currently exists on the Net.